@3_3van I need quick and easy one pot meals for dads for real though

@Pepsi @3_3van I got a ton of these but unfortunately I don’t use recipes. I can type them up to the best of my ability tho if u would like! I know the struggle, one pot/pan meals are the way to go bruv

@3_3van @democraticconfederatedtimeline I'm getting better and have a few go-to's. Thanks for the offer though.

@Pepsi maybe you already know this, but add "-pinterest" to the end of your query :-) i do this all the time

Damn this blew up LMAO. While you're here be sure to check out "joe pera talks to you" Its my favorite tv show

@Pepsi YES!!! and that shitty site that adds peoples fucking captions to memes

@Pepsi I use a filter on my browser and block all Pinterest domains from search results

@Pepsi and those meme sites that add their dumb website’s watermark

@Pepsi Amen.

Also, breaking thumbnail links was the last straw. from video results, using Bing.

(I never thought I'd recommend a Microsoft product, but here they've become the lesser evil. And DuckDuckGo now often sucks in general, but they definitely suck rocks for videos.)

@Pepsi I wish I could like Pintrest more than I do. There are some really phenomenal collections on there. I've lost so much time browsing through people's Pulp Sci Fi boards and whatnot.

But oh em gee it's so godsdamned time consuming to save those bing-bang images.

@Pepsi just add -pinterest to the end of the search results

@leonthotsky @Pepsi wait you can do that? technology really has gone too far

@Pepsi searching for dungeons and dragons maps like "dnd map -pinterest" is getting old

@Pepsi Yeah. I find I have to enter things into image search like so, " dogs eating cotton candy -pinterest" I too hate having to sift thru Pinterest results

So this low effort non coochie related toot is going to be my legacy huh ?

@Pepsi is there a goddamn script i can get that will do this?

also can i remove the dumb fucking stock photo sites?

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