I know we go over this almost every day on this site, but FunkoPop is a scourge on society and the world

@Aleums I think this is actually the most upsetting one to me, Kirby is just such a simple and pure character that exudes nothing but joy, but this... this thing looks like I’d wake up one night to find it standing in the middle of the hall outside my room - I wouldn’t even own one, but there one would be, standing, staring with it’s dark unblinking eyes....

@Morgan that’s what they all say, it isn’t real... that is, until it finally comes for them...

@noiob @NormalPopsicle I mean yeah I kinda assumed, given the package seemed oddly barren and it didn’t have the “official Nintendo licensed product” badge

@Morgan @noiob doing
some quick googling and this image is a render I guess, according to a Reddit post anyways. I couldn’t find an official Kirby funko but I did find an etsy shop selling custom kirby funko which says they spend 8weeks meticulously painting it and it costs $100

It’s still horrifying either way lol

@NormalPopsicle the way u can tell this is fan made is that if it was real the eyes would be even bigger and more soulless

@PronghornPunk honestly now that you mention it you’re totally right those eyes would be way more massive and frightening

@NormalPopsicle i think is actually the worst one of these that I've ever seen

@NormalPopsicle jesus christ that thing's real?!

I genuinely thought it was someone's joke take the first time I saw it

@elfi well, apparently the image isn't, but Google does say you can buy a custom Kirby FunkoPop on Etsy that looks roughly the same, so, sort of real!

@NormalPopsicle That square Kirby is so cute, and even if I don't play Kirby games, I wish it was real, and I'd want it so bad!

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