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Having a very nice time not opening any cws ever on this fine day...

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Hey not very friendly reminder that it costs literally nothing and takes almost no effort to put your takes about the news or other terrible things behind a content warning. It takes $0 (zero dollars) to not be a dick.

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going to predict likely gaffes/memes from the 2020 election Show more

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Sometimes someone stating an opinion isn’t an invitation for a 3,000 character lecture on what you think you know about that topic, sometimes someone’s just shooting off stray thoughts into the void and not looking for a TED Talk, but I guess go off king ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

me, a frog, jubilantly jaunting to frogsong at the bimonthly frog forest festival, where we serve seasoned flies and exchange frog stories

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y'know, when I was a kid and found out about them from, like, Nat Geo or something I thought they were really weird old perverts, and most of them probably still are, but I think I suddenly understand nudist colonies a lot more now as an adult, if just because even tho I'd never live that life, let alone live it with a whole community of strangers, the idea of never having to wash clothes again sounds... nice.

do not tell me to "pound sand." Don't. I don't care if your pectorals are rippling or your biceps are massive or if your wife is horrified. i have a god given right to eat handfuls of sand and no bullying will interrupt my feast

when a post gets no traction i just tell myself im experimenting at boundaries of microfiction and not that i should log off

I don't understand The Discourse but it feels very Tumblr-y and I really don't understand how people can be mad online when we have this amazing gif of an otter to look at??

like, are you seeing this??? my heart literally explodes every time I see it, I've spent millions on heart reconstruction surgeries and the hospital man says if I don't pay up soon they're gonna stop building me new hearts, please this gif is killing me someone save me from it

Imagine marrying a dude who becomes well known online for fetishizing your body and acting like he’s a hero for loving thicker women, and then appearing in his shitty rap video, that he’s spent your savings on as you’re starting a family, that’s about loving fat women... along side several other fat women he’s also fetishizing.... I hope Curvy Wife finds a good therapist and divorce lawyer eventually tbh she’s gonna need em. 😕

the problem with stuff is it's gotta keep happening

consider: placing a coin in my internet hat on the ground

i am doing lots of art stuff and its fun but im struggling with the whole money thing...

i also do sell paintings on here sometimes so if u ever wanna support me that way that'd be cool! (im really good at sending letters now, its fun!)

Good morning comrades. Let's rise and grind according to our ability and get this bread according to our needs

Good morning, immediately upon waking up my brain said to me, "Sometimes a family is Nintendogs," so I'm just going to post that

Hey... what do you think they do with all the foreskin??

When I look for travel tips for LGBTQIA+ travelers, the only info I get is: here's all the clubs that gay men like.

No, that's not what I want! I want to know what cafes queer women hang at, what spa would be trans friendly, what gallaries can I find work by queer people, what business may have queer owners or employees.

Anyway, where should a pan trans gal hit up in Madrid? Where would I most likely be able to make a friend?

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