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Having a very nice time not opening any cws ever on this fine day...

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Hey not very friendly reminder that it costs literally nothing and takes almost no effort to put your takes about the news or other terrible things behind a content warning. It takes $0 (zero dollars) to not be a dick.

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Sometimes someone stating an opinion isn’t an invitation for a 3,000 character lecture on what you think you know about that topic, sometimes someone’s just shooting off stray thoughts into the void and not looking for a TED Talk, but I guess go off king ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

find someone that cares about you the way the fediverse cares about linux shitposting. 💗 ⌨️

No need to worry, guys. The simple laws of economics will take care of this.

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Never again care for time. Only ever care for art. How could you care for what you can never again feel?

You’ve seen teenage Dora The Explorer with a giant knife, but are you ready next for a middle aged Barney the dinosaur with a rocket launcher? coming soon to a theater near you! 🦖💥

now that it's spring I get to experience one of my favorite little things that cats do, which is while they're looking out the window try to chirp like the birds outside - I don't know if it's just their attempt to fit in with the flock outside, or if they think they can trick a bird into coming over to be their meal, but it's still a goofy lil thing they do and I love it 💜

I've been playing a lot of that Oxygen Not Included game since getting it last week and there's this wild animal in it called a Drecko that you can domesticate that are basically a cross between a big lizard in the front and a sheep in the back and I absolutely love them, i want like 100 of them in my house so I can just hug them forever!! 🦎 🐑 😍

We feel the mountain and rejoice with regret. You see the mountain and moan with rage. The mountain hears you but does not cower.

When are they gonna fix the irl bug that doesn't let you choose your class at character spawn

psa: grow food on your front yard, not grass. Growing fruits and vegetables on your front lawn is not only way more environmentally friendly than yard growing a lawn, but also a whole lot more fun! Lawn are and only ever were a class signifier--a way of showing "hey, look at me, I can afford to use my land on have utterly useless space on my property". If you don't have kids regularly playing on your front yard, grow something more fun to take care of and more useful

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Also there’s a scene in the trailer where her high school has like police run metal detectors and she sets it off with her backpack basically full of weapons and survival gear and like... that feels like that should’ve raised some red flags at Nickelodeon right?? Like for multiple reasons???? how did that scene make the final cut??

I honestly genuinely have so many questions about how that new live action Dora movie got made and what it means for other properties targeted at young kids, like who looked at this show for preschoolers about a little girl and her monkey friend stopping a fox (?) petty thief through puzzles and thought “what if she were a real girl, went through puberty, and carried a big knife as she ran away from a bunch of dangerous men in the jungle?”

i REALLY want to have an actual normal one. what does that process look like

You’ve seen teenage Dora The Explorer with a giant knife, but are you ready next for a middle aged Barney the dinosaur with a rocket launcher? coming soon to a theater near you! 🦖💥

Y’all ever think about how weird it is that our society expects us all to have favorites - like, a favorite movie, book, person, even color of the rainbow, when like... you can just really love several things at once? and not have to have them compete or try to do some mental math to figure out which is most worth the experience somehow?? Wondering where this cultural attitude came from tbh (probably some European nonsense I bet, or just in general tied into our culture’s love of competition) 😕

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