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I was making my lil throw-away fictional world in Paint(dot)Net just out of habit (also, idk, I just can't get comfy in Krita) but started feeling limited by working with pixels so I just... downloaded a program to lets you draw on a globe to start a new world to work on and then another actual art program to upload that into to edit as a flat map?? this all seems very normal and very easy, I'm sure....

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Annual reminder that no one is a hero for posting without common content warnings, no matter how just your cause or right your message.

You aren’t being revolutionary - We know we’re all in our respective ways not free and not safe, let people have the chance to disengage for even a second from that, the world reminds us enough already. You’re ignoring social norms made for the very people you want to champion.

Please do better or just sit back down; thank you for caring, but care better.

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sometimes my cats wake up and just announce "I think I'm going to cause problems on purpose today" and honestly I may not like it but I do have to respect it

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extremely hot take, but: movies are too loud and I would like to be given a remote to turn it down a bit, thank you.

watching on doc on art forgers and honestly if you have millions of dollars to spend on one painting and someone rips you off, that is hilarious

the infrastructure plan needs more money for steampunk airships

Don't speak ill of the dead

Well unless they're royals, then put them on blast directly in their obituary. This is what CNBC had to say about Phillip

My uncle is in the IRA and he said that they did it, they got prince Philip

mans been dead for like 10 years at this point seen the state of him

now you all know i'm no fan of the monarchy, but at a serious moment like this, we should all really take time to acknowledge all of the many things that he did during his long life, such as being racist

must be hard to lose your husband and cousin at the same time πŸ˜”

here fedi, have a completely innocent gif unrelated to any current events

royalty dies, I post πŸ¦€πŸ¦€πŸ¦€; thats just how it goes.

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glad to see the nyt is representing a range of perspectives on today's news

wait Philip died the day after Thatcher?? thats so perfect lmao

Prince Phillip was not alone in his condition... Please, use today to reach out to your friends who are suffering from botched necromancy.


Me: [chanting] kissinger, kissinger-

Other accounts: kissinger, KISSINGER

Admin: [pounding their keyboard] KISSINGER, KISSINGER, KISSINGER!

probably the most significant characteristic of cars is that they must all be destroyed asap

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