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I feel like at least every day my deeply held mistrust and uneasiness around tech bros is validated in some new way, for guys who somehow all think they’re gonna ‘fix’ or ‘free’ the world or whatever you’d imagine that wouldn’t happen quite so often?

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If my anxiety doesn’t stop kicking the back of my seat then so help me I’m gonna pull this car over right this second, don’t think I won’t, everyone settle down back there that goes for my depression too ya hear... 😠

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Having a very nice time not opening any cws ever on this fine day...

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Hey not very friendly reminder that it costs literally nothing and takes almost no effort to put your takes about the news or other terrible things behind a content warning. It takes $0 (zero dollars) to not be a dick.

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Sometimes someone stating an opinion isn’t an invitation for a 3,000 character lecture on what you think you know about that topic, sometimes someone’s just shooting off stray thoughts into the void and not looking for a TED Talk, but I guess go off king ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Hello all,

I've received a few offers and they are very kind, I feel a little weird doing this. My chinchilla Deanna fractured her jaw and I've taken a CareCredit type loan out to fund her surgery today. I'm sure there will be more costs for her care. If you happen to have a lot of money or some spare money I would definitely appreciate the donation, but by no means do I expect one. Sorry to ask. Thanks.

CashApp: $MzzFzz

plus scientists keep trying to send tardigrades n stuff to space and like 1) those poor tiny bears and 2) what if they eat all the alien life 100% sure our there in our solar system????, proving we, too, are the existential threat to the universe and why we should stick to just pretty pictures! 📸🌌

Yknow as pretty and gay as space is I feel like we should stop studying astronomy and physics any further cuz everything they discover tends to be some horrifying existential threat to us, our solar system, the Milky Way, or the entire ass universe and it’s like they coulda just stopped at taking pretty pictures they didn’t need to find out about, like, strange matter or whatever

current mood: sulu, shirtless on the bridge of the Enterprise, brandishing a rapier at everyone present and cackling.

HELL yeah guess who just went in her yard and saw a FUCKIN OWL

There is an OWL in my yard, it is HOOTING

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On a serious note, I only have one piece of advice for new users: you dont have to look at stuff you dont like. Use the mute and block features. If you hate your local timeline, move instances. Block domains that post garbage. Dont follow people who clog up your home timeline w stuff you dont care about.

It's the only way anyone can tolerate the internet

Queer Liberals: "There is no 'gay agenda.'"
Queer leftists: "The gay agenda is the destruction of capitalism, the patriarchy, and the state."

the especially long part of the hair dying process was definitely when I could only get a few words in then just had to bite my tongue when my hair stylist (is that what you call them?) midway thru apropos of nothing went on a rant about celebrities coming out of the closet as bi as ‘a fad’ and how she hates a specific female pop star (again, brought up unprompted??) for ‘always doing stuff just because it’s popular’

I was very afraid for the well-being my hair for that last stretch ngl lol

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There's nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do

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