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If my anxiety doesn’t stop kicking the back of my seat then so help me I’m gonna pull this car over right this second, don’t think I won’t, everyone settle down back there that goes for my depression too ya hear... 😠

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* appears covered in mud and twigs running full speed out of the mouth of my deep dark cave, that I’ve secluded myself in for ages now, while I scream about our society’s need to get over fucking “debate”, like the whole ass concept and anyone who wants to cling to it, cuz “debate” culture is at best just a way to turn real issues into a game and at worst is used to harass and silence marginalized communities, but then also screaming about the swarm of bats pursuing me because I disturbed their rest with my enraged ranting and they want revenge; ultimately trip and roll down a hill over a cliff into a quick flowing river that floats me away over the horizon never to be seen again *

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Having a very nice time not opening any cws ever on this fine day...

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Hey not very friendly reminder that it costs literally nothing and takes almost no effort to put your takes about the news or other terrible things behind a content warning. It takes $0 (zero dollars) to not be a dick.

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Sometimes someone stating an opinion isn’t an invitation for a 3,000 character lecture on what you think you know about that topic, sometimes someone’s just shooting off stray thoughts into the void and not looking for a TED Talk, but I guess go off king ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

has there ever been a podcast edited to be more audibly hostile to its listeners than WNYC's Radiolab?

you know something that kinda sucks about video games is if you don’t get a game within the first few years after it comes out then there’s probably no chance of you being able to ever get it, like I always hear people talking up series they adore but without fail the majority of those games are all unavailable now (especially in their original form, which sometimes matters)

like I get that every media form seems to end up losing its earliest works, but how is this still an issue for games??

blessing your monday with the glory gospel singers doing an amazing rendition of cruel angel's thesis

People say they can't get on Twitter and they're bored and yet no one's talking to me, really makes u think

Yeah I'm not sure about that takeaway, Vice. The biggest node on the Mastodon network is actually my ass

hey sincere question, but why HAVE so many major sites been having problems lately? seems like there’s been more than a few outages the last month but like you’d think with how big and rich they all are they wouldn’t have that issue right?

Climate; Who's who 

Brian, please... please, Brian... Link has access to salt... you don't have to live like this....

These are the fielding positions for cricket, btw

There’s a ringing sound in the background of one of Lizzo’s songs that sounds almost exactly like what the buzzer on my washing machine sounds like kinda from a distance from the other side of the house and I love her whole album but I’m convinced this is part of a CIA op or something to fill me with constant anxiety that I’m forgetting to change a load of laundry when I’m not

dang I will say this tho the Switch Lite’s colors are very cute 👀

idk why the Switch only came in dark grey, blue/red, and neon yellowish-green... (honestly if they make a purple or pink SwLi I’m gonna rage cuz I can’t justify asking for a different version of the same console for Christmas just for aesthetic reasons lol)

So here’s a question for all my gaymers out there: if they’re called the Mario Brothers but their names are Mario and Luigi, does that mean the eldest brother’s full name is Mario Mario?? Do you think his middle name is Mario too just to keep the gag going?

Spotify algorithms are good if not just for when you're having a mental breakdown and you hear a song that you just turn into the only song you listen to for 3 days

maybe we should fly 10 thousand tiny screaming drones around of the homes of the wealthy and powerful

today we are announcing an exciting new addition to the nintendo switch family of products. introducing the Nintendo Top

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