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I was making my lil throw-away fictional world in Paint(dot)Net just out of habit (also, idk, I just can't get comfy in Krita) but started feeling limited by working with pixels so I just... downloaded a program to lets you draw on a globe to start a new world to work on and then another actual art program to upload that into to edit as a flat map?? this all seems very normal and very easy, I'm sure....

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sometimes my cats wake up and just announce "I think I'm going to cause problems on purpose today" and honestly I may not like it but I do have to respect it

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extremely hot take, but: movies are too loud and I would like to be given a remote to turn it down a bit, thank you.

pride month is cancelled, it's wrath month now

The first Pride was a riot.

Let's make this year's the same.

uspol protests this one is real good 

If you're interested in donating:

The Richmond Community Bail Fund helps with bail costs, and courtroom monitors. They're gonna need help after tonight.

queerphobia, targeted harrassment, doxing, 4chan 

i regret to inform u all as an alameda county resident that a tiger has not, in fact, escaped from the oakland zoo

however: whoever reported it occupied the cops for around 12 minutes and made them look like fools, so whoever did that, i love u

that one meme of gimli and legolas, i'm gimli and legolas is juggalos and furries but also now kpop stans

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kpop stans on twitter took down a cop snitching app by submitting fancam videos and they are good now

ngl I’m a little mad I can’t go out and be seen in my gay wrath month shirt, I hardly get to wear it and I want to wear it all the time because I really do be an angry gay tho

CW: censored photo from protests. Tear gas is depicted, no other acts of violence. 

well pride month just started here and i wanna say to my fellow white queers that we cannot switch focus entirely now and forget about the protests going on.

we need to support our black siblings with whatever they need, for as long as they need it, because they've always supported us, because we have a shared interest in opposing the cops, and because of course, it's simply the right thing to do.

we got our rights through riots, and we got our rights through the work of black queers

screaming at the clip of David Guetta dropping a shout out to George Floyd before the beat drops and its a techno song with Dr Martin Luther King's speech sampled..

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