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Commissions are Open!

Basic Rules n Terms:
:heart_nb: No hate
:heart_trans: 50% or total payment is due at the start, other 50% can be paid after product is done
:heart_pan: Dm me for questions n what not!

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Self care isnt chugging a monster ignoring your feelings

Dante's VA calling mainstream media, lamestream media is very in character
Just sayin

Being a trans pan folk, I find it funny when people think im add a cis narrative on shit
Like I like saying shit like parental unit 1 and stuff
So is Uterus-clad personal a cis narrative?

I am trying to draw a less toony version of Bendy and it's just....
I still some how drew like a bara Bendy

When you have drawn bara all your life and you have to draw a stick

Today ends the sad boi streak!....
I will be more productive i s2g

Tonight's entertainment finally arrived by the form of moving shadows and auditory hallucinations


Night number ???:
Woke up from panic attack again...cant take the edge off aaaaaa

I will default dance my way threw Silent Hill and Infinidab at Mr.X

*Crawls out of depression and sick hole* skasj am streaming art n games peas watch
I need 25 more followers to be an affiliate and take my stream to the next level

Tfw you figured out your hella in a depressed cycle again .n.

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