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I guess I will do this again since I had to move again.

Hey. I'm A.J. I'm 30, Canadian, trans femme, in the early stages of HRT at the time of tooting. A member of KNZK GANG that lost her home. I'm known on Mastodon for journaling my transition, being one of the few sports people, especially one that works in sports, some successful song parodies, and trying to help others through mental breakdowns while navigating her own. Follow if you like any of those with some shitposting.

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All right, tooters young and old. Come gather round the bonfire of burned instances. Yes, it's quite warm isn't it? I promised you a surprise for the mass mastoversary, and while the day has passed here, the night is still green enough to tell you the tale, in pictures and all, of how A.J. came to be.

Bring a drink and prepare for the timeline to be flooded. This will get ugly at points.

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KNZK Remastered:

*To the tune of Jolene*

I've never used you in a game
Because your moveset's super lame
And I can not compete with you

Your flaming fins of auburn fire
Don't make me want to train you higher
So take your tiny horn and shoo

Goldeen, Goldeen, Goldeen, Goldeen

Please just leave and go back to the seeeeeeea

Goldeen, Goldeen, Goldeen, GOLDEEN

A Magikarp would have more use to meeeee

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Hey y'all,

Today has been really hectic, but also really awesome. Kind of overwhelmed by it all. Here are the links to my coming out article and the podcast episode that I shot.



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KNZK Remastered:

Take me down to the Parody City
Where the words are changed to a familiar ditty
Oh won't you please change this song!

Mike Bloomberg buying adds on my ESPN podcasts just makes me long for the GEICO ads. So thanks for that, Mikey.

mh (-) 

mh (-) 

Update: The denim jacket has been claimed. By me. For $10.

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Well, I suppose someone outbidding me could stop me, but why would someone do that?

I'm buying a denim jacket and no one can stop me.

bla so cute!!! i love haj so muuuuuch (selfie, shark eye contact, boosts make blahaj smile more)

FYI to any posters on here: I am LATINO, and saying racist shit on here is extremely fucked up cuz none of us chose what race or w/e to be when we got thrown into this life. I know people have diff upbringings but if your IQ is High Enough; you can figure out a lot of that shit is perpetuated ignorance, handed down by parents/anecdotal evidence that is NOT factual at all—they took it as fact themselves without any research: the ultimate n00b mistake.

I KNOW I am very handsome and sexy and a good poster but I WILL cancel u if u really mean that racist shit without blinking an eye bitch. We gotta coexist so cut that shit out muddafucka!!

My Smash Bros strategy? Play Zelda and hope I can smash people into oblivion.

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I decided to be a youth pastor once I moved down here because I felt that I needed to help the teens around here.

This is a hyper conservative area I live. And I wanted to be that adult to help the teens learn compassion and that emotions are good and that helping others is good.

And now I'm having teens come out to me as gay. And really valuing me and reaching out to me.

I just... I just didn't expect this.

If you had told me at this point last year that like 40% of my toots on here would be selfies, I would have laughed and covered my face with a second hat.

selfie, ec, boosts +, fashion update 

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All right, gonna make this a thing.

Borrowing from @LilyVers via @velexiraptor , if a beam hit me and split me into two girls, without resorting to simple Good Arianna and Evil A.J., what would be the more interesting and accurate split be?

borrowed, shamelessly, from @LilyVers

hey, so if a beam split my personality into two girls, instead of good and evil Lexi, what's a more accurate and interesting bifurcation for me?

I'm starting to get cute y'all. Be very afraid and hope I use these powers for good.

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