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I'm very glad today is the last day of the walkout.

Kinda long, about names 

Also, know something I just realized.

I don't know my own name.

That's not a joke or hyperbole, It's a fact about me. I don't know how to properly spell and capitalize my last name.

There either is or isn't a space in it, and the letter that would be after the space either is or isn't capitalized and I don't know which one is correct.

Shit like my passports and birth certificates are all caps no spaces so legally I've got it narrowed down to 2.

My dad uses capital letter in the middle no space and he's very adamant that that's the only correct way, but when asked why he doesn't know. His dad had to ask him what the right way is so he doesn't know either and my dad didn't get it from him. He just decided it.

For my part, I don't care. I've seen it written in all possible combos and I've never corrected anyone. I genuinely don't care. I'm anamed.

Being in a worker co-op is a lot more boring than anyone talks about.

Writing bylaws together in a shared google doc. Riveting.

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I’ve been an IWW delegate for just under a month, and I collected my first dues last night!!

I can personally attest that @Naoza is in good standing, and he is paid up through September.

If you’re near NYC and wanna pay your dues— or join the IWW— hit me up!

Guess who's moving on Saturday? This guy right here is moving! I'll be close to everything soon!

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okay, this is the shortest breadtube video ever. never again say that the left can't be concise.

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if you can't suck penis *and* dick, why are you even trying?


These fucking debates are so fucking frustrating. "Candidate how are you gonna save us from the terror that is automation of our jobs?" It's only a problem because of capitalism. You all are not even close to left enough.

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My partner’s birthday / please boost! 

It’s @pwrmnstr ’s birthday!

1) boost
2) reply saying “Happy birthday, @pwrmnstr!”
3) and tell us something good that happened to you today!


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@beegrrl Question for my local linux pro? Got any experience setting up GPU Passthroughs? Gonna be honest, I'm a windows boi and that's starting to really get my goat, but my cute little ubuntu laptop sat in my corner neglected as I realized how few games I could actually play on it. Ultimately it ended up as a dedicated OpenVPN/PiHole machine at my parents house, which is fine but I wanna switch over my main machine. But I'm thinkin' I could run windows in some kinda virtualized environment and just give that virtualization full control of my GPU for gaming biz and then just use linux for the rest of the biz.

Am I crazy in the head or can I do this?

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I fucking love signal! If ya'll didn't know, this little program right here is industry standard in secure communication. When Bruce Fucking Schneier wants to talk encrypted he uses Signal. Seriously. Use it. Get your friends to use it. Privacy is like bacon back when I still ate meat. It makes everything better and should be eaten for breakfast, lunch and supper.

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