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My friends, crying : Ana stop you can't refer to any group of people as a platonic polycule

Me, pointing at an e-sport team : platonic polycule

All enbies want is be huge, mystical, weird, and offer strange bargains to passing adventurers

@Mottenmaedchen alternative explanation: it ate the smaller, weaker orange

going up to a transbian couple and asking who writes code and who writes tabletop games

i ordered a bunch of sardines in bulk and my kids found them and have started saying to each other "i swear it on my father's sardines" and i dunno it just doesnt feel like im coming back from this one

the thing that brings me the greatest pleasure is seeing my effect on the world while i am not present. thinking that i am part of anyone else's life even while im not around is so exciting, even if its just them talking about me while im not there

If you started working in 1 AD earning a whopping 700 USD per hour, then kept working 24/7 all the time until 2020, having zero expenses, you'd have something close to 12.5 billion US dollars.

Congratulations, you've managed to make around 10% of Jeff Bezos' net worth and it only took a little over 2000 years of work with zero breaks at around 20x the average hourly salary

Players: You've got this whole world planned out haven't you?

GM: *looks behind the screen, there's nothing except a hastily written note: sexy goblins*

GM: Of course!

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