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40 optionen fΓΌr tomatenmark ist die hΓΆhe des hedonismus, da schmecken die trΓ€nen die ich in meinen tomatenmark weine wenn ich abends um 8 wenn ich von der arbeit heimkomme und mein essen fΓΌr den nΓ€chsten arbeitstag vorbereite gar nicht so salzig

*white guy voice* capitalism is necessary because without a profit motive innovation would stop and also we don't need any mechanism to help the poor because counting on welfare from the rich is reasonable since the profit motive exclusively applies to innovation 😊

hot. hot. hot. youre all hot. none of you are free of sexy

selfie in the nude, ec 

Spit out of the blackpill and take the gothpill

Just realized people who only speak English can't take the names of English things and literally translate them into their native language as a joke. I'm so sad for you :(

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