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Gamers these days expect realistic graphics and throw a fit when the protagonist isn't a white guy because they can't empathize with anything that doesn't look like them.

Back in the day there was a pink blob that sucks its enemies into itself and EVERYONE LOVED IT

just found out about these lego "dots" bracelets and wow i would've LOVED to have this stuff as a kid. My parents would've scoffed and told me to get my head out of my ass but I'm an adult now and I get to do what I want :-) get stuffed parents

do people still use shoelaces as a way to signal their political affiliation? heard about that some years ago and now i'm scared of people thinking i'm a nazi or some shit because i wanted to get fun looking laces and got the wrong colors

Wish I was as blissful as my AC villagers frolicking about the place with their arms wide open and a stick in their hand. pure joy

Are you a goth and also non-binary? Do you like Animal Crossers? Well have I got the hoodie for you!
My creator code is MA-2601-8272-6670

🎡Makin my way down town
I'm a clown
Small ass car
And some make up🎡

selfies lol, ec 

40 optionen fΓΌr tomatenmark ist die hΓΆhe des hedonismus, da schmecken die trΓ€nen die ich in meinen tomatenmark weine wenn ich abends um 8 wenn ich von der arbeit heimkomme und mein essen fΓΌr den nΓ€chsten arbeitstag vorbereite gar nicht so salzig

*white guy voice* capitalism is necessary because without a profit motive innovation would stop and also we don't need any mechanism to help the poor because counting on welfare from the rich is reasonable since the profit motive exclusively applies to innovation 😊

hot. hot. hot. youre all hot. none of you are free of sexy

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