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Today I found out axolotls are the top aquatic predator in their natural habitats, feeding on all other aquatic creatures they can manage to violently suck into their tubby maws 😍

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Next release of Mastodon will allow admins to post important announcements to their users, and yes, those are reactions


Asshole techbros are what will break federation, not blocking.


time has no meaning so i just realized today I have a postdoc application due in 2 weeks lmao.

so much of the internet is trying to parse when someone is actually a bad person and when they @'d "covfefe" at the wrong person at the wrong time "without their consent" or whatever. not only does this take away from the value and impact of sincerely necessary callouts etc., it's confusing and well, it makes me not like people lol

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its okay to just not like someone bc they annoy you or are a dick or whatever, you dont have to have a reason that needs citations from critical theorists to do so. sometimes the person who you dont like is just a prick, they dont have to be the snidely whiplash of structural violence

looking at more gig bags and there's one where amazon is trying to upsell me on a 90-day "phone support" service for it, as if I am going to receive a bag and be unable to understand that you use a bag by putting things inside the bag

lip stains are just the coward's cosmetic lip tattoo

rant/dog de*th 

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the people in all of those "happiest/healthiest" countries lists have social programs to help citizens thrive lol it has nothing to do with how hygge or shinto their spaces are, capitalist consumption will not save us, caring for each other will

thank you for replying to my shitpost with a sincere answer. stop that

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