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Hey, have any academics on Facebook or Twitter heard about how Trump told four congressional representatives of color to go back to where they came from. Have any people who have PhDs had an opportunity to post something about it. I have only seen maybe 1 million posts that are all basically exactly the same, do these people know about this thing that happened so they can go on at length about how it's bad in status updates on facebook just in case no one has heard yet.

I just helped my cat win a turf war, always gotta have your homies backs 😤😤😤

It's July 16, that means it's world snake day, happy snake day, everyone! 🐍

A movie about a burly, hairy, gay MAGA guy who ends up saving the day by being good at basketball: Bear Chud

I was only in second grade when I first laughed at “ass” in the word “assessment”. I got in trouble for it, but I knew I was a changed woman

My boyfriend is jealous of my reddit karma

Gross, lewd, why does my brain work like this 

Gross, lewd, why does my brain work like this 

i want to grab pelosi by her feet, spin her around like mario does bowser in mario 64, and throw her into the fucking ocean

I don't even like Austin that much and I cannot wait to move back to that hellhole. Nowhereland, Ontario has broken me, I crave Austin, Texas and its crappy embrace.

I told the gas station attendant who lectured me about sitting in cars while pumping gas because it's "illegal in Canada" (it isn't) and "static electricity" that if static electricity sparked a fire and blew up my car and killed me that it would be doing me a huge favor. I need to leave rural northern Ontario before I just straight up start telling busybody Canucks to shut up and that they aren't allowed to look at me

its time to declassify one more solar body as "not a planet" in the solar system! which one is it? #space #women #mastodev

look at this good boy got some shots today being a real good sport in the car

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