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Today I found out axolotls are the top aquatic predator in their natural habitats, feeding on all other aquatic creatures they can manage to violently suck into their tubby maws 😍

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We’re just going to accept that cats have thorns on their tongues and that we don’t really understand how purring happens aren’t we

High school looks so cool in movies what gives

can't sleep, been up all night thinkin about you, brother -HH

Frankly it’s deranged how much we as a society love mid century modern

Hocus pocus is objectively bad even for a kid movie but I love it so much

Adhd, drug jokes 

food, diets 


And I saw no detractors bringing up how cool it is that a middle aged black woman in a loving relationship w her black husband is killing white supremacists and how cops live in fear so much they have to hide their faces, and have their weapons unlocked after approval they apparently have a hard time getting. That all owns, can we just enjoy it?

I actually appreciate the direction the watchmen series is going. I mean I already like genre stuff anyway so I’m already gonna enjoy a well made superhero series. I think most people’s issues w it stem from their love of the comic and or Alan Moore which is fine, whatever. I’m looking forward to the rest of the season

the chain is the best fleetwood mac song.

can't believe we're almost twenty years into the Willenium

I was walking in a hallway in my building and heard a neighbor either having really weird sex or disciplining a puppy for pooping on the floor. I’ll never know.

remember that first season of true detective where the opening credits were insane, and now its like how people do wedding photo shoots

*extremely me trying to be relevant voice* wait,...scully you ever heard of the knife alien

hm. My coworkers can eat shit and die imo. feel free to weigh in in the comments, don't forget to like an subscribe

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