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I think i developed seasonal affective disorder which has the infuratingly punny acronym of SAD. i didnt realize i even got it until northern Ontario winter owned the shit out of my fragile brain. lol.

I googled โ€œwhy do I constantly crave salty snacksโ€ as a mostly joke and the search results diagnosed me w dehydration, PMS, calcium deficiency, and Addisonโ€™s disease

Click the picture. I beg you. I caught him mid stretch.

My dog hates the OSX screenshot sound SO MUCH. If he's in the room he always gets up and leaves if I forget to mute audio before taking a screenshot.

I know we donโ€™t talk about twitter here but Jack went to Myanmar (nation with an actual and known genocide!) for a 10 day silent retreat and his spiritual conclusions appear to be that like. Silicon Valley is good. And he came back looking like Luke Skywalker after he trained with yoda. Itโ€™s a lot to unpack.

2015 & 2016 were bad and then 2017 and 2018 and were both so horrific that Iโ€™m sincerely very worried about 2019. Please stay 2018, time. The devil I know is better than the one Iโ€™m certain holds terrors anew that I have no remaining fortitude to endure. Ha ha. Happy Saturday everyone have fun, c

Natalie Portman and Jessica Simpson arguing over a 19 year old photo is peak Mercury Retrograde Bullshit
and I'm glad we can get back to the regular type of bullshit very soon

TIL about Maria Sibylla Merian, a 17th century artist and naturalist whose entomological and ecological observations were centuries ahead of her time. A butterfly has just been named after her:

At a time when people thought insects were spontaneously generated, she documented butterflies' complete life cycles and portrayed insects in their natural environment. She funded her own research trip to Suriname. And more!

Am I tired because Iโ€™m coming down w a cold or am I depressed again: The Depression Saga

Yesterday I was doing my evening skincare routine and noticed two lumps in the side of my neck that appeared over the span of a day. 100% chance theyโ€™re swollen lymph nodes fighting off a virus of some kind but this is me anyway.

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