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Today I found out axolotls are the top aquatic predator in their natural habitats, feeding on all other aquatic creatures they can manage to violently suck into their tubby maws 😍

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im marie kondoing my wardrobe while watching the worst show on television and its therapeutic ngl

*sees a post on instagram about how to get something for free by simply following 6 accounts, commenting with a specific thing, and tagging 3.34 other accounts* i will simply spend $35 and get the thing that way

wait....shut the front door...2 seasons free on prime?? guess who has two thumbs and is about to watch some new episodes of ancient aliens,

lord help me i think i'm about to buy a season of ancient aliens on prime

Ofc people need help sometimes but these daily posts come between notes about quitting multiple jobs etc and like does anyone actually donate to this person or do they think that maybe it’s all just a scam on strangers online? I’m just saying. Maybe.

I am in awe of an account on here who exclusively posts about how they need donations and that is all they ever post and it is almost daily and has been going on for months at least. In awe at the size of the grift

Haters hate ofc but Get Lucky has always been a dang bop

finding out that walking dead is still the most watched tv show in america is making me have one of those liberal radio guys who feels like he needs to go to middle america to understand "trump country" moment


they asked me follow up questions and i cannot shut up please help me

i literally just did this but dont think im driving anyone to drink...just ghost the chat like adults

driving everyone in the "alcohol free and sober" support chat to drink with my 350 word all lowercase and misspelled essay on skincare

remember when in the late 90s and early 00s those shirts that said "rehab is for quitters" or "Porn ⭐ " were the most badass haute couture for the discerning 16 year old

im not 100% certain why i dated so many guys who loved the dropkick murphys but i have regrets

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