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I think the main issue is the best literal fact and metaphor about life is hell.

I saw a woke stuffed raccoon getting into garbage exhibit at the ROM yesterday

- have the one of the lowest brain to body mass ratios
- have openings in their chest called "scent holes"
- are too dumb to eat a eucalyptus leaf if it's not attached to a tree
- sleep for the majority of the day
- are fucking stupid

Good morning please don’t make me read about “prawn flavored crisps” and “meat pies” this early

Perhaps I’m owned for posting about the bruenigs on mastodon Bc I have been permanently banned from twitter for making Blake shelton’s report bots mad but I don’t care it feels good

[Twitter hits Matt Bruenig with a phone book]: you will respect planting trees on a planet dying because of human intervention

Matt [tied to chair]: machines can remove carbon too and refusing to accept that technology can do what environmentalists insist only plants can do is short sighted and harmful to society, actually

[twitter hits Matt again]: you will respect the need for trees

Matt [bleeding from mouth]: no!

"This Whole Thing Smacks of the Green Party," i holler as i swim in the coins of my 120k/year patreon income and turn environmentalism into caring about unimportant Shit

The good news is the bruenigs are both terrible in their own special, individual, ways. Truly a beautiful example of equality in an intimate partnership.

"Itadakimasu!" I announce, as everyone actively tries to avoid making eye contact with me

Taking a crack at this genre given that I just witnessed this/am a stupid white asshole w opinions about table placement

White people love being disappointed in the table they’re given at a restaurant

I’m in Toronto and keep going to Starbucks as a violent political act

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