What do you do with your polycule at 5 in the morning?

Oh you know, watch meme videos randomly recommended on Youtube and adopt a new ideology known as pastel communism?

the test failed but i got a boost from Felicity so thats cool owo

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recommend sappy feel good movies i want to be happy

Preferably not "a Christmas prince" because there's only so many times I can watch that and get way too invested in the romance drama

Me: has never played Celeste

also me: currently listening to the Celeste OST on vinyl

I want like 500 more two-toned hairstyles. I love my black and pink but I have not yet achieved being known as crazy hair lady.

when I see a girl: whoa I'm gay

when I see a girl with long hair and the side of her head shaved: HOLY FUCK I'M SO GAY

You know those really small circular batteries that some remotes use? They are terrible and companies should feel bad for using them.

Is there no way at all to set up toot notifications for people? :(

I guess it's a pretty big sign when the day after you start using Mastodon, someone with 12.2k followers on birdsite tries to get his followers to mass report you. Thanks for the sign that it's time to ditch birdsite.

When I find a random birdsite mutual on the federated timeline. I wasn't expecting that, but i'll take it.

when I follow so little people that my entire home column is full of just people I consider friends. This is new to me, lol.

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