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Public transportation should be free to use

Fuck you if you disagree

Somehow I conditioned myself that I have to got to the toilet asap whenever I enter the building I live in. Even if I've been to a few minutes earlier...

Emotions per se are hard already! How do you articulate them??? 😩

I hate that I have to wait in a train station where I don't understand a word of what's being said in announcements, but I have to rely on them since my train is too late and my app is not showing anything about it being late 😣

@DissidentKitty That study is doubly ironic because many Christians say they are cat-holics.

I miss when people knew this is BS instead of believing it unironically.

Update: I've now sang in it with other people listening and demanding an encore. What is happening???

This comic shouldn't be a thing, except in a dystopian fantasy world. Horribly enough, it isn't.
CW: Australian fires

> We have computed the very first chosen-prefix collision for SHA-1. In a nutshell, this means a complete and practical break of the SHA-1 hash function, with dangerous practical implications if you are still using this hash function. To put it in another way: all attacks that are practical on MD5 are now also practical on SHA-1. Check our paper here for more details.

I am not a heterophobe, I have nothing against heterosexual people, but why do they have to be so in your face all the time, no one needs to see that.

@cambrian_era I have a collection of different pride emoj not already on this server, that I partly collected and partly made by myself. Are you interested in some of them for adding them?

I've just left a voice channel where there've been over 15 trans people all talking with each other, even the ones that usually are quite anxious about their voices. So beautiful :heart_trans:

According to ISO-8601 the year 2020 did start yesterday. *raises eyebrow

Hey assholes, you *hear* the dogs going mental because of your fireworks. How about you shov'em inside you, you'd do the animals a huge favour...

State of #IsolateGab effort:

So as of summer 2019 when Gab ported every single user they had (active or dead) into a forked version of #Mastodon, the founder publicly said they had "over 1 million." As of today *still* just barely over 1 million.

And I suspect the lions share of those are inactive dead accounts still.

And look at the "insularity." 99.1 percent. They are just Gablins inside their echo chamber talking to themselves. And over time that just won't be sustainable.

Servers cost money, and even as they beg for donations, offer "premium features" for pay that other Fediverse servers offer for free, and do deals with whatever VPN's that are willing to take racists and nazi finders fees, still... it won't last if they can't grow.

They forked the #Mastodon code base because their expensive closed source platform was failing and couldn't sustain over time.

Thanks to your efforts to #IsolateGab they still are failing silo, and still aren't finding any more oxygen for what they are selling in the #Fediverse than they did as a closed source silo.

Keep it going in 2020.

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