just remembered that i'll have an abundance of time to do my homework for tomorrow in class today because I'm done with that work already which means I can fucking rest my sick ass until i need to leave for school

hrt whining 

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Please boost!

Arrested fellow workers in Richmond need financial support!

Two demonstrators in Richmond were arrested on falsified charges of assaulting the police during our peaceful action demonstrating solidarity with Rojava this past weekend. The Richmond IWW is doing all it can to support these folks who were brutalized by a gang of 15 cops for daring to disrupt Saturday night restaurant business in Richmond to raise awareness about an actual ethnic genocide that is currently happening.

PLEASE give what you can and share this fundraiser as much as you possibly can - these folks are amazing comrades and do so much for our city - help us have their backs!

Every dollar helps!!


the two positive things i have to say about gen 8 


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Less interested in the demdebate, more interested in the denidebate, in which @denikombucha tells people why she's the best 2020 choice and some ABC person just sits there nodding.

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We need global revolution if we're ever going to escape the global capitalist economy. Until then, you gotta be real about the shit socialist states gotta do to get by. You can't blame the EZLN for selling coffee or Cuba for selling cigars or historic states for what they sold. Until there's enough socialist economies that they can provide each other with those resources without any trade with the capitalist countries, then they have no choice.


still reeling that my teacher in med school has slight antivax sympathies

destroy private schools

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mh abuse 

food, vegetarian posting 

"what up, i'm aimee, i'm 24, and my head itches like a motherfucker"

my mastodon brand is "bisexual girl with dandruff"

shit i had to sit through in class today 

hormones give me my clear skin back you dastard

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zomg they just came across this sea anemone. its like 25 cm across and looks like a jester hat

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