so someone (cis white woman) created an AI powered gender guessed, which guesses the gender based on the name or email you put into it

here's the twitter thread of people trying it

spoiler alert: it doesn't fucking work lmao

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this is it, this is the free market solving gender, the free market has bread a solution to a problem it created

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it's incredibly hilarious to me that someone sat down and spent possibly months to code this that, even if it worked as intended, has no use to anyone lmao

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like damn it could've been coded in just javascript alone but no they had to slap python, java, c# AND php onto it

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@Maxwell wait how the fuck did they mange to use ALL of those how does that even fit anyone's workflow

@clarjon1 @Maxwell all the mst3k space mutiny names (Slab Bulkhead, Thick McRunfast, et. al.) I plugged in came back with male confidence above 85% so I'm prepared to endorse this tool

@Maxwell of course she did. What a piece of garbage. That comment about making it more queer-friendly.... 🧐

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