Consider this: A sequel to the movie/musical Grease, but there's time travel, and it's called Ancient Grease, and also the boys from Grease stab Julius Caesar to death

What is it about trans people writing bullshit think pieces about how we need to respect cis people who say awful shit about us


hopefully I'll be able to do more with it soon, but I've never really had the confidence to practice art so I'm happy that I'm able to like things I make right now

this is an art style I developed partly bc of disability and partly bc I love messy, chaotic lines anyway

In the top left we have Matchstick Man and the Sad Gay Seahorse, on the top right we have the Vague Dude, on the bottom left we have Frosty the Snowman and on the bottom right we have his best friend, the esteemed business boy and cannibal war god The Tongue

Me, plucking some low hanging fruit: mm, these jokes are just perfectly ripe

I'm starting to learn python bc I wanted a new skill and I'm really excited about it, and it's actually a lot more fun than I was anticipating

I decided I wanna learn to code so I can become a programmer and make bullshit that no one uses

I just saw someone legit try to say she's an afab trans woman

Since they've been doing like, a fourth as good as they used to do as far as views go, I wonder if WWE has much longer before it finally goes under

Sometimes my chihuahua acts like she wants to start something with my Siberian husky, and I wish I could ask her what's going through her head

the husky is absolutely friendly with small dogs and cats and the chihuahua doesn't actually go after her or antagonize her, dw

Marty Friedman was a god among men but I'll never forgive him for Risk

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