I understand not being able to take something seriously when it's an important thing but that's something I personally went through at the hands of people as evil as her. Seeing people joke about it is really disgusting and disheartening. It makes me feel like I only lived through it to end up as a joke for other people when they can't do anything but be pieces of shit I guess.

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Lots of people making jokes about what Ghislaine Maxwell did now that she was arrested. I guess that's what you need to do when you want clout tho.


The more I examine my friends the more I realize I don't actually have any friends. The people who I thought for years now loved me unconditionally are falling out of my life and it's the most painful thing in the world.

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Hmmm rlly in a mood to be held by a soft person and have my head caressed gently while we listen to post-hardcore punk

Consider this: A sequel to the movie/musical Grease, but there's time travel, and it's called Ancient Grease, and also the boys from Grease stab Julius Caesar to death

What is it about trans people writing bullshit think pieces about how we need to respect cis people who say awful shit about us

hopefully I'll be able to do more with it soon, but I've never really had the confidence to practice art so I'm happy that I'm able to like things I make right now

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