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The only B word you should ever call a woman is Bionicle

How did I miss that Summoning salt uploaded a new video earlier today?!

I've not posted on this account in like 3 days. So I guess. If you wanna see my other shit posts find my other account? I'm not linking it btw

Summoning Salts world record progression of videos are so good. They're actually what got me into trying to speedrun after I had been intrested in it for a while. You should check them out if you haven't

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If jesus is the bread then damn I wanna eat him out.

Sitting at school listening to the same 3 songs on repeat until I can go home and listen to the same 3 songs on repeat but at home.

I dont wanna get of this bus, I kinda just wanna sit here and go on a road trip rather then going and doing what I have to do today.

In swedish we have he or her that is gender neutral. So instead of saying dem we say hen as a gender neutral option. Yeah hen as in the bird.

5 more minutes please. I dont wanna get up yet

I feel I've been lacking in my shitposting over the last few days and I'm not sorry for it.

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I like that humans are so fucked up that god had to flush the first batch

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All I want for Christmas is a legoshi plush because god that thing is cute.

It was trying to do things like "oh during the summer you listened to this, and during autumn you listened to this" but it was just always cavetown and then the second artist they showed just changed lul

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Checked the yearly spotify thing of what I've listened to this year. Apperantly I've listened to 367 hours of Cavetown. That's quite a bit of cavetown. And overall 65 625 minutes of music on spotify this year.

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Got out of school about an hour early which means I get home like an hour and 30 minutes early. FeelsGoodMan

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