As soon as i got a Nintendo Switch the first thing i did was lick a cartridge just to see how bad it tasted and it did taste bad. i wouldn't recommend it

@KT licked it again to make sure and it still doesn't taste good

@KT once again the government getting involved with my personal life and not letting me eat my video game cartridges despite it cleariy being well within my constitutional rights.

@KT apparently this is done to discourage children from eating them

nintendo did not anticipate KT entering the fray

@KT I DID THE EXACT SAME THING. it's like, everybody said how bad they tasted and it's a 'wet paint do not touch' situation right? you gotta taste it. my brother looked at me like I'm a fucking idiot, which I am, but buddy were they right those fuckers are bitter

@KT I'm the only one of my friends with the willpower to not lick a switch cart. I was also the first one of my friends with a switch. They convinced me to pass my only game around so they could all lick it.

@KT every time I get a new game I taste it to see if it's still bad. every time it is

@succubus wouldn't it be cool if they all tasted differently bad and u could tell which one was which by licking it

@KT @Gargron By the time I got a Switch I had already forgotten about this "feature"

@sexybenfranklin i've been electrocuted enough to know what that feels like so no

@KT that's fair, we can't learn from our mistakes if we don't make them.

@KT this just makes me want to buy a switch game just to lick it πŸ˜…

@geotechland I've heard they use the same stuff in veterinary bandages so animals don't pull them off so that's always an option too

@KT its funny, I told my teenager that and he immediately grabbed a cart to lick. Some people are put on earth as a warning to others πŸ€”

@KT Why though? Lol. Not judging, just wondering.

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