~ new year's resolution ideas ~

- be kinder to yourself
- write me into your will
- rob more banks than you did last year
- get unbanned from CVS
- rip out a man's still beating heart
- allow yourself to fall in love
- donate all your blood
- eat more fruits and veggies
- become an incel
- start an under the table lawn care business
- die
- come back to life


1. Get in shape (square, maybe triangle?)
2. Start eating the rich
3. Don't stop posting
4. Print my own fiat currency
5. Get more sleep
6. Wear a romper
7. Finish learning High Valyrian

@anthonydavis damn i know u can do it. lmk when anthonybucks become a reality

@KT I think i can get behind this list. Unlike my own.

@KT if you successfully become an incel tho, don’t forget to die a second time...and not come back o3o

@KT alright a little over 12 hours in and i've got 7 done already. how am i doing

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