@KT that Hamburglar will haunt the rest of my days on this planet

@KT Looks like something one would see in North Florida.

@KT *googles that state* first headline that pops up: "Christian cross to stay up in Missouri town after story goes viral"

Yeah, I'm never going to Missouri, ever.

@KT kt i really, really like this image. mind if i save it to my computer?

@peemobil you're right it is super funny
Thank you for stopping by!

@KT if you think about it, it’s less tacky than the people who put up crosses for Christmas

@KT all of the characters are not real. Looks consistent to me

@Stuberry69 @KT listen to me, fucker. grimace and the hamburglar are real and there's no way you can prove that wrong. shut the fuck up

@KT better than "HE IS RISEN" or "CHRISTMAS"

@KT There's just something about celebrating the arrival of the literal manifestation of God as man through fast food mascots

@KT this is so extremely missouri. this needs to be our flag

@KT this is absurd! why would the hamburgalur be celebrating with ronald, his Enemy!!!

@KT another mystery is: why is Katie bigleaguing garfiels

@KT I HAVE SEEN THIS! I'm not even FROM missou and I've seen this EXACT sign visiting there.

@KT its got a regular hand made nativity scene on the other side. I joked that depending whether you're coming or leaving decides whether Jesus or Ronald McDonald is the reason for the season

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