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@JosephBenton For about 5 years after Skyrim came out I was with the Stormcloaks and then 2016 happened and I Realized

@witchfynder_finder @JosephBenton tbh I side with the Imperials, because I always play either a khajiit or an argonian and the idea of the Stormcloaks accepting either of them was lololol, plus the Imperial joining mission is "clear out this fort so we can occupy it" which makes *sense* while the Stormcloak joining mission is "go kill some walruses because that's how our ancestors did it," which makes *no dang sense*. also since I always immediately head for Riften to become the leader of the Thieves' Guild I like to think that having the Imperium in charge in Skyrim gives a lot more opportunities for my guild to thrive, since they're distant masters and can more easily be bribed or coerced into turning a blind eye to our criminal activities. ;)

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