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@jackdaw i dont really even follow that many, but here's a quick take on a few:

@matt: basically just Matt, but seems like it's up to something nefarious. a true naughty bean

@muppetbutler: big time Brooko energy, more irresponsible than Brooko. almost serves as her id

@starwall: will destroy us all

@remulacfrommars people love to drive around by themselves in vehicles that can comfortably fit eight adults

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@AmaraEverglade yeah that was fucked up. in this version they switched the pink and yellow ones and changed the black ranger to green and made the blue ranger a poc

at least they stopped coloring them based on race and gender

@em idk i don’t play tetris i thought that was the worst piece. what’s the one everyone hates?

update: i still hate it, but the 4yo seems to find it hilarious. maybe he’s right maybe i’m thinking about it the wrong way and it’s not bad, it’s just a comedy.

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i haven’t watched power rangers since i decided i hated it when i was in first grade, now the kids are into it so i’m watching it again. gonna see if my feelings towards it have evolved.

@em i’m one of these shity pieces everyone hates: __|__

@jackdaw @TeethTeethTeeth *sits down backwards in chair* hey kids u know who else was a gamer? that’s right, Jesus Christ

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