90 fucking dollars for pajama bottoms, a hoodie, and a robe. It doesn't even include the crocs.

on an unrelated note why is this the cover of a magazine more than halfway through 2020?

halloween stuff 

finished my accessories for halloween, now i just gotta put together my ‘stume

Whoever is writing want ads like this, do you have any sense of self-awareness or are you doing this intentionally just to fuck with workers?

twitter screenshot, maybe some sunglass-obscured ec 

he’s been too busy cashing in on the blm movement to look at porn, apparently

*sweating nervously* wh-why would youtube think i wanna watch thiss??

random excerpt from the new twilight book, Midnight Sun 

yeah no shit who does????

Grandpa Joe is gonna kick the Russian Cheetoh in Cheif out of the Oval Ofice this Noviember!!

guy fieri is in something called Nerf House?? i have no idea what that is but i wanna see it

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