@JohnBrownJr I thought this post was about me until I read the image description

@JohnBrownJr i'm so sorry to hear it! let me draw you a bath, here's your choice of nsaids and chocolate. also what the hell did i just look at

no img description 

@JohnBrownJr i'll have what SHE'S having!!!

@caymanwent @JohnBrownJr what in the everloving fuck is this thread. did a rift open to another dimension and this came through it. what

@richie @JohnBrownJr man was looking at ben shapiro rule 34 i don't think he should explain himself, personally

@georgespolitzer @richie sometimes your simply browsing rule 34 and you come across something

@georgespolitzer @richie look ok it was in the bi tag i wasn’t looking for shapiro content

@richie @georgespolitzer there’s a lotta shit in there. like y’all are familiar with what rule 34 is right?

bizarre ben shapiro comic, no img desc. 

@JohnBrownJr where did you find this and what message am I supposed to take from it

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