“I don’t want rich people to have higher taxes because I, like an utter fool, think that, through hard work and a little something called grit, i will one day be among them and when that day comes, I won’t want to pay my fair share either..” - Ancient American Proverb

@JohnBrownJr I'd like to addend something: that recognizing the hegemonies that the über-rich have over the rest of us causes reflection upon the hegemonies that we have; it's a complete threat to the idea of the innateness of hierarchies, and that frightens the daylights out of your average white cishet living out in Texas.

@JohnBrownJr said for 70 years, first optimistically, then desperately, then nostalgically

@JohnBrownJr A conservative working class friend once said “never got a job from a poor man.” And I wanted to explode. A lot of people don’t think they’ll get rich, they just think rich people are more deserving than they are. It’s horrible.

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