allow me to re-introduce myself #into 

Howdy, pard’!

Figured it was time to update my as some of the info was out of date.

My name is John (David) Brown, though i prefer JD, that’s what my friends call me and i’m here to make friends. also to shitpost, complain about capitalism, and incite civil disobedience. An-com. housespouse, retired chef with 2 kids, 1 wife, and adhd. dad to one son, 7, and one trans daughter, 5. gender is fake but my pronouns are he/him/comrade. queer bisexual but i usually just ID as bi because pansexual makes me think of someone being turned on by a frying pan.

trying to figure it out, if i did something problematic its out of ignorance rather than malice, pls feel free to call me on it. tryina be a little better everyday.

i’m the badd dadd of mastodon. i’m a cowboy sun, lewd moon, & moonpunk rising. i bake bread. i like bicycles & the outdoors. i did a toot about bimbofication.

i guess that’s enough for now. see ya pardners all on down the trail, ✌️

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