i don’t remember following anyone tbh, i don’t remember a time before mastodon. i simply log on and all my people are here and always have been, always will be

@JohnBrownJr Why is this so relatable???

I'm aware I came here last September, and dimly aware that I must have "heard of" Mastodon in some non-Mastodon space (it wasnt Twitter). I know I had a pre-RadTown account for a couple weeks. Then I got on RadTown.

But all this is me reconstructing the deeply inevitable. I was here, was always here, just had to catch up to the me that will be eternally here, until the Great Server spins down.

@JohnBrownJr sometimes I'll follow a new person or whatever, but they're all just Here. It's been so long, and they're all good.

@BestGirlGrace @JohnBrownJr it's so great to be here at home, where everything is beautiful and nothing hurts.

@wilbr @JohnBrownJr i'm glad i'm looking at the good brain website instead of the bad brain website

@JohnBrownJr fun fact i have no idea how i found out about mastodon particularly

it was some tweet i saw on my left twitter account but i don't remember why mastodon was going around back in november 2016. best i can figure is maaaaaybe vaguely hbomberguy-related? although i don't follow the guy and didn't know who he is back then.

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