i dont know who any of you are anymore

@dumdope i'm still confused, i dont even know what matts avi is now

@JohnBrownJr *I still love you unconditionally and enjoy being a positive role model for you even though I know no one can truly heal the pain of your abandonment voice* excuse me! What have you been posting!?

@JohnBrownJr I will always love Uncle Phil even if he has a problematic job

@JohnBrownJr @Quixote171 I’m your mom now shut the fuck up and clean your rooms!

@Schizophrenicart @JohnBrownJr

(It's not, I just crammed all the dirty laundry under the bed.)

@Quixote171 @Schizophrenicart mine actually is (relatively) just gotta vacuum later today

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