why do so many hetero people hate their partner i will never understand this

@JohnBrownJr i never understood why my dad's friends used to complain about having to go home to their "nagging wives". why didn't you just gay marry your friends ya morons!

@JohnBrownJr Arranged marriage? Peer pressure to settle down with anyone at all, even if they are not a good match?

@Gargron if all your friends jumped off a bridge would you do it too???

@JohnBrownJr Still trying to work out that whole American 1950s war between husbands and wives. Watching old episodes of "The Honeymooners", I find it hard to laugh at Ralph threatening to punch his wife regularly.

Emotional unavailability is encouraged as the norm, the jokes are self-reinforcing by saying it's normal to hate who you are with. It's only the self-reinforcing parts toxic bullshit hetero culture that survive because it's social norms that people feel uncomfortable to question from a time when you WERE actually stuck with your wife.

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