explaining armed resistance to the 6yo and why the nonviolent protests of the civil rights movement that he was taught in school are largely mythologized and how MLK was actually a proponent of armed self defense

like this is heavy shit i wish i didn’t have to tell him about how the fbi tried for years to get King to kill himself but i’ve seen the whitewashed propaganda they’re teaching him in school and i can’t stand it.

it makes me so upset because schools were a large part of why we moved here and i’m just not really thrilled with this curriculum so far

maybe i’m expecting too much from a public kindergarten but this is what “martin luther king believed in”

but they’ve had at least two days dedicated to tick awareness

@JohnBrownJr love too be a "good citizen" by radically disrupting society to secure civil rights

@dankwraith good citizenship to them is just complete obedience to state power.

@JohnBrownJr showing a kid with a fro pushing another kid is already NOT A GOOD LOOK

@JohnBrownJr oh also that other kid is clearly coded white, this is fuuuucked

@eightbitsamurai @JohnBrownJr yup and the two that are getting along have white-coded hair

@robotcarsley @eightbitsamurai folks this is “one of the best public school systems in the country”

@JohnBrownJr @robotcarsley that's always been code for "there aren't any minorities here" tbh. It's the same here in Colorado. School I went to was mostly white kids, by the time I was graduating, more minorities were moving in and suddenly people were saying it wasn't good anymore

@JohnBrownJr over and over, MLK says, "My dream has become my nightmare" turning his hat in his hands

This is the Mastodon equivalent of those "my kid pointed at the TV and called trump a bully" posts

@Dayglochainsaw i mean except this actually happened and i’m not posting it for clout, i’m posting it because i’m frustrated and i don’t know what to do about it

@Dayglochainsaw in fairness i only got started on the rant because he asked what my book was about

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