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I’m a centrist; I believe both sides have valid ideas, both Communism and Anarchism.

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@JohnBrownJr it got infected and also fell out. $73k ass fell right in the toilet. Killed himself over it.

wonder what ever happened to george hw bush feel like i haven't heard about him in the news in a minute

afaik, linux is a program for pc that does like what windows does but in a lot more complicated way

used to be fairly active in the Red vs Blue fan community

Sometimes you just gotta grab life by the foreskin and dock your hog with it

they call it five guys because it took five guys too fuck a burger up that bad

do u think video games are ~cool~?? do u think gameing is good and cool???

@JohnBrownJr over and over, MLK says, "My dream has become my nightmare" turning his hat in his hands

@eightbitsamurai @JohnBrownJr yup and the two that are getting along have white-coded hair

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