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allow me to re-introduce myself #into 

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I’m a centrist; I believe both sides have valid ideas, both Communism and Anarchism.

Spraypainting the words "communism" on my massive hog and then strolling in fully nude into the "victims of communism" memorial

@JohnBrownJr the more you praise your juicero, the fresher your juice will taste

Roasting me will never be as effective as my own self loathing.

@ItsMorgan @esvrld if I wanted your ass i would just wait until fifteen minutes after you'd last received attention online

me when it's one of the two good days of the week: awww yes 😎 😎 haha HELL yeah. this rocks

me when it's one of the five bad days of the week: god DAMN it!!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK this SUCKS!!!!! FUCKKKK

[Grand Moff Tarkin voice] I’m taking an awful dick, Vader

my boyfriend? oh you mean the typhoon class nuclear submarine?

swinging by the dick sucking store, anyone want anything

my brain is so damn RUDE I ask her to quiet down cause I'm trying to fucking sleep and she's like "no 💖 perish 😘" with the emojis and all

christians always be quoting the bible, like, jesus, Read👏Another👏Book👏

[Me, a member of an elite hacking group]: *reassuring my comrades* "dont worry guys, I used incognito mode. Completely untraceable"

i wanna go to the moon so i can blast a rope so hard the force of it pushes me out of its gravitational pull and i float out into the void

@ItsMorgan ME: Basiclaly its just a joke we do where whoever makes out with his homies the most wins
COP: Thats not what a joke is
ME: Well its good either way

My oldest said in the car today "ok but when I say eat the rich I want to exclude the people from vampire diaries"

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