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Poll: Boofing vs Juuling: The Final Showdown 

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gonna keep goin out buyin pounds of blood oranges

Poll: Boofing vs Juuling: The Final Showdown 

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sometimes you just gotta pinch it off and take the L

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more like Notch your fucking business how trans people live

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23andMe results came back and they told me i'm the first person they've seen who's 100% shithead

like idk how to process it today but I remember at one point some friends and I were being really stupid urban exploring and then dumped the like random lumber and metal scrap we found next to like a touristy downtown area as we went to go out and get pizza because we needed to make room for more people & the dude who's car it was got pissed about all the crap in his station wagon

it stayed out there for like a week

White people moving out of california in droves and I'm out here scheming to make property values tank by bringing back hyphy



I'm knee deep in and I actually missed this formatting stuff

then again Amazon sucks at doing everything other than achieving market dominance their search system sucks, their stock is constantly filled with dumb mislisted knock-offs, they rely on public infrastructure for everything they do but contribute very little back to that public

yeah idk fuck that shit

super random note but Amazon should really ban items like:

"Latex" materials that aren't made from natural rubber extracted from rubber trees
"Linen" fabric that isn't made from flax fibers or-at-least-anything-other-than 100% cotton
"hemp" fabric that isn't made from cannabis or-at-least-anything-other-than 100% cotton
"hessian" or "burlap" fabric that isn't made from jute or-at-least-anything-other-than 100% cotton

I can go on but like a lot of materials stuff is just blatantly misclassified

"We must remember that the future is neither wholly ours nor wholly not ours, so that neither must we count upon it as quite certain to come nor despair of it as quite certain not to come."

Epicurus, Letter to Menoceus

translation modified but arr Bruce R. Linnell via Gutenberg

"Knowing the ever-constant leads to tolerance.
Being tolerant leads to being just and unbiased.
Being just and unbiased leads to being kingly.
Being kingly leads to heaven.
Heaven leads to The Way.
The Way leads to what endures.

When the self disappears,
there can be no danger"

from Dao De Jing, chapter 16

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