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Hey y’all let me know when the hunger game stuff is over; it’s flooding my feed and Id rather just stay off while it’s happening cause it’s all I’m seeing. Have fun though! May the odds be ever in your favor

Women with short hair: VALID

Men with long hair: VALID

Men who wear makeup: VALID

Women who don’t wear makeup: VALID

Technically, every hot dog I eat is a “pig in a blanket” (if you count me as some kind of blanket)

My dad just called parkour "parcree", who taught him this

[lying face down in the mud while Animal I Have Become by Three Days Grace plays in the distance]

i want a big ol bathtub!!
long enough for my sheer power

boomers see a box set of 53 John Wayne movies in the walmart bin and they get physically horny

Good Night!! Don’t forget to give pats to your local flat friend..

how do people just like read books without getting distracted like every 20 seconds

Me gaming: "This critter running on the screen -looks- like an enemy, but will it -really- damage me??"

Me moments later: "Yep, that's an enemy."

everything I know about romance I learned from the sims hot date expansion pack

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