@starwall i quite enjoy this one cuz of how it broke the format lol

@Jacki I love my car and I love driving it but I work from home so commuting can suck it 100%.

@breakfastgolem i mean cars are great n all but Horrendously Inefficient

@breakfastgolem @Jacki me thinking about a car: picturing driving down a country road to a lovely seaside inn and having delicious fresh food
reality: circle the block for an hour for looking for a parking spot that isn't alternate side for tomorrow and getting honked at by every Jack and Jill.

@JohnBrownJr i think this is like. everyone on mastodon's shit lmao

@Jacki listen, train gang is fucking woke but, what about if we just build a shit load of canals too. It would be like Venice but good. In the industrial revolution in the North we used to ship things about via canals so it works

i'm in agreement! Show more

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