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⚠️ nude alert ⚠️

hello i am very tall and beautiful
oh and buy my nudes if u can <3

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these tea splotches look like cujo; i have been blessed by the gods and am now the prophet of mastodon

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old photos of me playing music, no eye contact

communist manifesto?? what about communist womanifesto?

lewd-ish, Show more

u ever see a toot and instead of laughing u just kinda make choking noises and boost it? thats the vibe tonight

@laser *starts sweating* hahaha no seriously folks *coughs* uhh really what are we talking about

im in half asleep mode and it just looks like...... nice colouors.. wow..

laser's profile icon has a lovely aura about it

current vibe is drifting off to sleep then getting startled when the notifcation noise wakes me up

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