i think the second one could've been alot more crisp if my tripod wasn't in the mud lol

@J the antenna looks like two witches on a broomstick!

@jwhamilton_ for some reason the second one was kinda hard to get right. im not sure whether it was cuz there was less light or cuz of the really long exposure time and my shit tripod. idk idk !! i hope urs go better ;D

@J you really have to stay still for those kinds of long exposure photos, which camera do you have?

@jwhamilton_ uuh.. panasonic somethin or other.. i forget the name ! dcfz82 i think

@J ahh ok!! that looks like a really nice camera!! you did good content with it <333

@jwhamilton_ thank u <3 <3 i never really bought it for photos of the moon, but im glad i can use it for that anyway !

@J excellent work! thanks, we have cloud cover tonight so this is great

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