want someone 2 stroke my hair while i sleeep

8 am and still awake? thasts mee baebayfeyyeufjkkkkkkkzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

i didnt know what a green bean was before i googled it and yea them are good. gotta cook em though

hello i have a patreon now! im not sure whether patreon is good but i made one anyway. send me a coine

drawing! (nudity kinda) Show more

drawings!! i like these! Show more

subtoot almost Show more

doors: because sometimes you need to enter or leave a room.

was it... shakespeare.. who once said... 'what is shitposting'....... oh.. it wasnt?

Selfie, no eye contact, boosts +++ Show more

talking about yourself in a conversation is cool when you aren't boasting and when youre being vulnerable

🎵 youre growing tired of me
you love me so hard
but i still cant sleep

i leave the ink to dry on my fountain pen and idk whether thats a mistake

reply to this with your favourite word

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