Also this lip primer is burning my lips but only after putting on my lipstick

Liz from Gilmore Girls married an encarcerated terrorist on All McBeal

Do I try to find out if the lipstick color Lisa Nicole Carson had in season 1 (1997) of Ally McBeal is still sold?

Finding colors that work for black skin though.

Wait what the fuck I just heard a juul commercial on the radio I didn't think that was legal...

Cardi B ripped off her wig at a concert my ass is howlin yaaaassssssssss queen,👏

Honestly they have a publicist.

I bet banksy is even a Bitcoin millionaire too
And a trans woman. Black too

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How the fuck do we still not know who banksy is with the internet, whistleblowers, and like 20 years on.

It has to be the best kept secret ever.

I am become death
Destwoyew of wurls

I work next to a nail place and wow do a lot of people get their nails done at 930


trans --- 

selfie ec 

Jesus caveman cartoon ec 

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