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So I made a new blog at to talk about writing and shit. Let's see how this goes, shall we?


Rowling is a TERF 


Lewd shitpost 

The only thing YouTube recommendations are good for is discovering new punk bands tbh

Why are there so many problematic trans creators on YouTube?

The soundtrack to my life is just Nightmare King Grimm's theme playing over and over again

Weather is bullshit. It's like long periods of Warm and then long periods of Too Hot and then it's Too Cold?????

I haven't shut up about Hollow Knight since I got the good ending last year. And I never will.

Going absolutely buck wild for games with simple graphics and cute storylines

It’s incredible how, despite the running jokes about it, the Liberal response to any given issue genuinely is just “hire 👏 more 👏 women 👏 oppressors”, they’ll sincerely advocate for the next Hitler to be a white woman before they even consider standing against fascism and oppression

Oh fuck. I just had a flashback to being a clueless teen downloading music off MySpace and Napster. God I'm so old.

Music Recommendations 

I'm not saying large channels are shit. I'm just saying that YouTube in general has become a hellscape of clickbait and corporate-owned channels. Focus on pushing and promoting small independent creators has disappeared. So I get some joy out of seeing these creators continue to make content, even if it gets buried.

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That is the YouTube I grew up on. Small creators with small channels making content because they want to and not for the sake of content.

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