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So I made a new blog at to talk about writing and shit. Let's see how this goes, shall we?


Absolutely revolted by games that force me to interact with other human beings.


Fun fact: If you're ever making homemade pudding, pay one hundred percent attention to the mixture on the stove. Otherwise you'll end up with thick white gelatin that vaguely tastes like vanilla and the bottom of a pot.

Instead of the Olympics, we should just hunt billionaires for sport.

I know this is a trying time, but let's focus on what's important: Proper gulliotine upkeep. Seriously, guys. You gotta keep those blades clean. We're in a pandemic, for fuck's sake.

Halloween is actually a 3-month event through September, October, and November. Followed by Christmas Month (December). And then Gay Pride, Gay Wrath, and Gay Lust Month (June, July, and August). Black History Month is in February and in March we hunt billionaires for sport.

I sometimes think about leaving Mastodon altogether, but where the heck would I go??? Make my own place maybe??

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Some asshole: "We shouldn't wish for people to die of Covid just because they're literally fascists!!! That makes you a BaD PeRsOn!!!!"

Me: "I hope :blobkissheart: he dies :blobkissheart: so I can piss :blobkissheart: on his grave."

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I now need $9000. If you can spare anything, please do so! If not, thanks for boosting & your support.

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Gender reveal? No, you misheard. This is actually a gender REPEAL party. Gender is banned and we're all void creatures now.

I want a goth version of Livejournal called Deaddiary

Looking at games through that lens really changes your perspective. The writers/game designers are legit trying to say "huge corp that exploits people bad....but capitalism!!! Good!!!!". As if one can exist without the other. And then the conversation is forcibly shifted from "fuck capitalism" to "we just need more regulations uwu!!". It's a propoganda tactic.

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Seriously loving how Poppy evolved from a creepy ARG singer and into a queer icon that sings about girls and boys in bikinis.

So many sci-fi games like "Prey" are very blatantly anti-capitalism, but they get labeled as "anti-megacorp", as if there's a fucking difference.

"Man"? "Woman"??? What the fuck is that?? Everyone knows there are four genders: Dom, sub, switch, and power bottom.

rowling is a person who can sell conservative messages to people who regard themselves as liberal

that makes her extremely valuable to certain parties

which is why she is so well defended

USpol, 10 Things You Need To Know To Stop A Coup

Bookmark it. Read it. Share this far and wide. Organize then mobilize when the time comes.

Don't get caught off guard waiting.

TIL that "defenestrate" means "throwing something or someone out of a window". My world has expanded.

At least now I can admit that the Harry Potter series is shitty. Want a good series with a male protag and an expansive imaginative fantasy world with endless potential? Try Percy Jackson or the Artemis Fowl series.

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