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Baking bread, gardening, collecting mushrooms, drinking filtered rain water, self-sustained living. The dream.

Its been months since I finished Hollow Knight and I’m still in awe of all the little details and lore I notice every time I see footage of or a screenshot of any game area. Like how all the carts are made of snail shells.

I’m the antihero of my own shitty trilogy series that gets turned into a mildly successful movie franchise

Infinity Train spoilers 

using correct pronouns on the internet is bare fucking minimum guys

Food-related shitpost 

Aaaanndd my fucking computer is frozen again. What the fuck.

Lewd, teratophilia 

Show: “Here are the main characters!”

Me: *hyperfocuses on one minor character I know will disappear from the plot and get no further development*

Coffee shop vibes are the best vibes actually

The political rap from Adventure Time is the only valid commentary ever

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