USpol impeachment 

Can anyone recommend some good indie punk bands?? Preferably on Bandcamp.

People who unironically describe their work as “edgy” and “anti-PC” are painfully unfunny


I’m so glad I’ve never watched a single episode of South Park and I never jumped on the bandwagon during my formative years.

Mixing lyrics 

But why do so many “hot celebrity men” look like burnt toes??


Showing up to church wearing one of those ahegao-covered shirts and repeatedly trying to high-five the pastor in front of everybody during his homily

Someone: “Do you believe the moon landing was fake????”

Me: “Sorry, I’m a top.”

Power move: Replying to every conspiracy theory pitch with “Sorry, I’m a top”.

A “gender reveal party”. Or as I like to call it, a heterospecial occasion.

IQ is an absurd concept on its face and anyone who takes it seriously deserves nothing but mockery

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