cats don't even have fingers. how fucking cute is that

@HYPERLINK that's fucked up and insensitive actually, they can't even grab things. think about how the cats feel before u post next time

@pizza @HYPERLINK ive never even thought about how cats cant grab stuff. i grab stuff all day and cats have never done it once holy shit

@pizza @catoutofbed @bobby_newmark @dankwraith alright fine. IF cats have fingers, i want them to be retractable and to replace the claws

@pizza @catoutofbed @bobby_newmark @dankwraith i want cats to be able to look perfectly normal and then SHOOP out full sized adult fingers on a moment's notice. is this what you wanted

@HYPERLINK @catoutofbed @bobby_newmark @dankwraith yes, exactly. As long as those cruel pet owners don't get them de-fingered their live would be way better

@pizza @catoutofbed @bobby_newmark @dankwraith imagine kneading. imagine a cat with fingers kneading. and then fall on your knees to repent

@HYPERLINK @bobby_newmark @Excuse_haver @catoutofbed @dankwraith sonic works at a massage parlor now, and he rubs people's backs with his spindly hairy fingers

uncomfortable, body horror 

uncomfortable, body horror 

gross food 

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