cats don't even have fingers. how fucking cute is that

@HYPERLINK that's fucked up and insensitive actually, they can't even grab things. think about how the cats feel before u post next time

@pizza i dont want them to grab things anyway. this comment doesnt impact me at all

@HYPERLINK well maybe they want to grab things. I would be insulted if people were grabbing things around me all the time and I couldn't do it. Grabbing is fundamental

They have no interest in grabbing, only pushing over precipices

@pizza i think cats dont want to grab anything, and if they do, i don't care

@jordyd @pizza im shooting straight on this one and damn the consequences. cats cant grab but good

@pizza @HYPERLINK ive never even thought about how cats cant grab stuff. i grab stuff all day and cats have never done it once holy shit

@pizza @catoutofbed @bobby_newmark @dankwraith alright fine. IF cats have fingers, i want them to be retractable and to replace the claws

@pizza @catoutofbed @bobby_newmark @dankwraith i want cats to be able to look perfectly normal and then SHOOP out full sized adult fingers on a moment's notice. is this what you wanted

@HYPERLINK @catoutofbed @bobby_newmark @dankwraith yes, exactly. As long as those cruel pet owners don't get them de-fingered their live would be way better

@pizza @catoutofbed @bobby_newmark @dankwraith imagine kneading. imagine a cat with fingers kneading. and then fall on your knees to repent

@HYPERLINK @bobby_newmark @Excuse_haver @catoutofbed @dankwraith sonic works at a massage parlor now, and he rubs people's backs with his spindly hairy fingers

uncomfortable, body horror 

uncomfortable, body horror 

gross food 

@pizza @catoutofbed @bobby_newmark @dankwraith @HYPERLINK
Does this cat look happy? These are the consequences of giving cats hands for grabbing

@dankwraith @pizza this doesn't bother me even slightly. i don't care at all that cat's cant grab anything, and if they could, i would think that is worse


strong opinions in here. I actually agree with you. Cats get into enough things without being able to grab them. My cat steals the wrappers of pads out of the garbage. He does so with his mouth. Imagine if he could reach in and grab things. A mess.

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