opened mastodon in a meeting next to our college intern. the main jpeg on the screen just said “fursona” in huge letters. i quickly switched back to my email but it was too late. homeslice immediately opened discord have fun roasting me king

he’s sheepishly taking notes now. I Know What You Did

@HYPERLINK @apow realize the more online people get the more your odds are approaching 50/50 the discord is a furry one and they wanna report in that they located another snout in the office

@robin @apow if this dude comes out to me as furry i’m buying myself a massage

@HYPERLINK *David Attenborough voice* and so the young take advantage of the old in a neverending cycle of trying to "have clout"

@HYPERLINK This is why you don't hide it if it's a big part of your life. Just flop it out on the table and make eye contact.

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