hey quick question what the fuck is supposed to be happening in this stock photo

this is NOT, as the photo description asserts, "person holding bun pouring milk"

hey so i think this photographer just takes some really concerning photos of lattes in peril

@selontheweb dawg that is not a mug. that is like the little plate they give you to put soy sauce in at a sushi restaurant

@HYPERLINK that is actually a mini world, which is flat, that they are pouring it on, and the scale is there to catch and weigh all the miniature people who fall off, before you drink this tiny flat planet

@HYPERLINK Imagine getting all the soft lighting right so your chroma-key cup doesnt cast a shadow

@lynnesbian how does it feel to be covered in coffee that drips onto a scale

@HYPERLINK *ganon from the zelda CD-i games voice* IT BUURRRRNS

@HYPERLINK oh shit that's not a saucer it's a PASTRY 😲

@HYPERLINK entirely possible it's supposed to be about how cutting costs on training your employees can lead to waste/extra costs down the line

@HYPERLINK i want to see the alt text for this, but the best i could write is "someone pours milk into their petri dish of cappucino, spilling it all over a food scale" and then i start questioning the nature of reality

@robin i wrote "someone pouring a latte onto, i mean i guess it's a small dish? it's overflowing and dripping down onto a ... scale?"

@HYPERLINK an admirable job imo. i guess i was thinking "what do they have in their photo documentation to explain what its for or why someone might search for it"

@HYPERLINK the person in the photo was pouring a standard cup of coffee but time-stopping hooligans wanted to have a laugh

@HYPERLINK its the known problem of your attempted latte art spilling onto ur mac mini

@chillallmen showing this jpeg at the genius bar to get a slow head-shake from the mac mini repairperson

@HYPERLINK it wouldnt happen if apple sold bigger cops but theyre all about thinness and design so what can you do

@BestGirlGrace @HYPERLINK artisinal coffee is spoiled by putting it in a cup, you just spill it on a kitchen scale and slurp it off

@Thomas @HYPERLINK it's our fault for wanting to give our customers the most accurately measured coffee you can buy

@HYPERLINK oh no why is there coffee in the steamed milk carafe this is a nightmare

@HYPERLINK this makes me think of alice in wonderland. thank you for your time

@HYPERLINK You ever wonder if these weird stock pictures are just photographers airing their intrusive thoughts?

@chillallmen @HYPERLINK I'm just imagining a clean cut guy waiting at the coffee shop with a neutral expression but inside he's all "Yeah just pour it right into my FUCKING HANDS Vanessa"

@chillallmen @HYPERLINK I don't even mean as a fetish thing, just one of the million weird thoughts that pop in your head


@HYPERLINK hyperlink.... i just want to reiterate how much i love this entire thread it is a thing or beauty and also despair

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