here's me covering eugene by sufjan stevens, from "carrie & lowell"

i have been practicing this song for four years and it feels amazing to finally record a version i like πŸ’œ

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a story about this song: when i moved to college one of the first things i did with the people who would become my friends was play this song for them. one of them later told me she spent that night googling variations on "lemon tree boy song" because she couldn't remember what it was called but wanted to hear it again

@HYPERLINK u was like playin the guitar and i was like oh wowie this is real good and then surprise outta nowhere here is this wonderful silky voice that i wasnt expecting and it was just like wOAAAaa

@HYPERLINK waht teh fukc this is actually so good how????? my jaw literally dropped i can't pick it up

@daelvn 😭 ✨ thank u sm i owe it all to my brilliant audio producer friend !!!

@Pawdraig ok now THIS might be the nicest thing a person has said to me

@HYPERLINK your voice is so like.. mellow and soft and calming. genuinely so good, man. keep it up. i'm in awe

@HYPERLINK myyyy former partner always used to play this and i'mma cry now so thaaaaaanks i guess πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ™†β€β™€οΈ

( you did real good holy shit )

@gdkar thank u bobby, i am impressed u can still listen to this song

@HYPERLINK iiiiiiiiit was a good time! they're not bad memories!

This is amazing and you should be rich from it fyi

@HYPERLINK i'd listen to it but i'm super fucked up atm and i'd definitely cry even more thaan i currently am

@HYPERLINK late to the party here but this is fantastic!!!!!

@HYPERLINK I shared this with a friend of mine who's a professional classical singer and he said to tell you that you have a very clear voice.

@HYPERLINK Oh my lord this is so absurdly good Hyperlink, my ears feel amazing

@HYPERLINK Imagining this as a gender-swapped cover of jolene

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