decentralizing my closet by taking all my clothes and throwing them on the fucking floor

@HYPERLINK DISRUPTING my ability to think by turning my environment into an unnavigable mess

@HYPERLINK I acktually when you take something from a slow to access linear-access location like a row of hangers in a wardrobe to a fast random-access location like the floor that's actually an example of caching.

decentralizing your wardrobe means randomly mailing all your clothes to your friends and then asking for them back when you need them.

Im using this when I get yelled at for leaving clean cloths in a basket. gotta make sure its resilient

@HYPERLINK no no, you gotta send 80% of your stuff to other people on encrypted containers to ensure they don't try your clothes on

@HYPERLINK I used to have a fluffy orange demonic cat who would perform this service free of charge.

@HYPERLINK Yep. That’s what I do. No clothes make it to the frickin closet.

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