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here's me covering eugene by sufjan stevens, from "carrie & lowell"

i have been practicing this song for four years and it feels amazing to finally record a version i like 💜

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i’m that twink type
profile picture pink type
buy a bear a drink type

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resolving to become even softer and more delicate under these troubling circumstances

switched my light from "the doctor is in" to "the doctor is near," general panic in the waiting room

There is no difference between grains and vegetables.

lewd, just not necessary 

@HYPERLINK store-bought aspirin?! instead of chewing on willow tree bark?! well lah dee dah!

you know it’s a nonprofit when you have to pay for your own aspirin lmao

welcome to Pre Coffee Soccer Mommy Thoughts Hour

now we both have anxiety, but at least he has an ep out on bandcamp too

2018-2019 is all about realizing the marketing student I met in 2017 who told me he hated marketing, that marketing sucks and is stupid, and that he was just going to game the college system that was too cowardly to give him anything lower than a B for as long as he could and focus on starting his punk band was not just right about everything, but more right than i could have possibly fathomed

making my condition more and more precarious as a bit


@NuclearTess @HYPERLINK stop beating around the bush and make a credit sword already.

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