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call me hyperlink iβ€”

πŸ’Ώ got online at the precise moment of my birth and will never log off
πŸ’Ώ will shitpost at an alarming (inspiring) rate
πŸ’Ώ am interested in socialism, typography, and the internet
πŸ’Ώ am sexually attracted to bowser in the most homosexual way possible

"What's wrong, officer," Sonic flexed, "can't a guy get Yolked"

Someone make a mcnuggies edit of movie sonic NOW


Sonic looks like a fucking rib eye steak

SONIC (flexing)
The only thing I love more than being a fucking narc is to grease the leg press with liquid protein and then lick it up when i'm finished with my squats

Why am I in this movie

The Sonic Movie team probably had few options but to try to co-opt everyone's disgust for their character design into meme energy, but that doesn't make what they did okay

@HYPERLINK hehehe isnt it funny how our games have been shit for literally 19 years? wink wink

y’all this is literally the look they went with for the keebler elf. please roast this mf

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@HYPERLINK what's the deal with digital content infrastructure?

proud to be part of the corner of the internet where being horny is punished, but by a cabal of vigilante anti-hornt warriors rather than a horrible and stupid algorithm

friends, loved ones β€” i am thinking about digital content infrastructure on this fine monday

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you’ve heard of β€œturban sage”, now get ready for

Found it!

CafΓ© "De Laatste Stuiver" Lemmer:

On the streetview they are also displaying a "funny" chalk sign, (see attached) so who knows, maybe the photo is real!?!

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