Someone please help me i have a crush bad and he sent me his youtube channel and i lowkey keep falling into little vignette daydreams

what am i doing ive got homework and and a test in the same class tomorrow lol

Please listen to Decemberunderground. Prelude 12/21 love like winter summer shudder endlessly, she said. Afi is so wonderfully aesthetically goth.

with apologies to all of germany:

here's me trying to make fraktur work in pixel art.

idk, sad vibes 

I'm just assuming all this talk of Wasabi and things being made of it is just an obvious fact of life that was foreign to me.

I didn't know Wasabi was used in Sushi AND Mastodon.

Steven universe 

the gremlin inside my head is gaining a lot of traction lately

I think the reason i like jane Austen books is because i can easily identify with the protags. Im sure that relatable quality is why they are still popular after so long, and like?? Isnt anything unique or revolutionary??? But it feels nice to see my struggles (however small) represented in media. I guess its validation is what i like idk

being insecure and sad is cool now

Selfie, eye contact 

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