I got a part time job!

Now I'll be able to afford rent /and/ food, and maybe have some left over even!

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One of these days, I'll accomplish things.

Alternatively, maybe I'll just get by, but I can at least /hope/ that I'll be in a position to help people again.

If I get this part-time job, I can start by paying off my loans, and then I can finally help people again!

...Are the RGB and CMYK colour models actually confusing to some people?

If anyone's interested, the first session of my RPG Real Play Podcast, Glorious Struggle, is available for free on my patreon.
It's just shy of three hours of rpg gameplay audio.


Honestly, I'm just really not liking how quiet it is where I am today.

It's actually freaking me out a bit.

Today has started a bit too early, methinks.

Alright, I just finished editing Session 1 of Glorious Struggle, a campaign of a PbtA game called Raw Deals.
It's available for supporters of my Patreon right now, if any of y'all are interested in Real Play podcasts and the like.


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I like to keep several five gallon buckets around they’re a great hurricane multitool

If your roof is leaking, throw a five gallon bucket under there

If your water is out, but it’s raining, instant rainwater collector

Fill some up before the storm hits, and you can use that water to flush your toilet, if the water is out

Buy a couple of waterproof lids, and now you have a storage container for your emergency supplies

Editing an audio recording of an RPG session for the first time. It's taking a while, but I should have it up on my Patreon by end of day, if anyone's interested.

Bluh. Meds cost like double what they usually cost, because they were all out of generics.

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