tfw someone apologizes for flirting with your SO, and your first reaction is "Did she tell you to stop? Why are you apologizing to me?"

I've decided that having a dry-erase grid at the game table is an accessibility issue.

Having somewhat of a breakdown presently, ngl.

Is zelda a metroidvania?

The Games/Design co-op I'm part of has released our first pack of printable miniatures, I'm pretty stoked.

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RPG stuff 

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I ran a game of Blades in the Dark on New Year's Eve, and it was great!
They decided to play a band of would-be revolutionaries, and the first session was them stopping the assassination of a prominent Unionist. They did so by siccing a bunch of angry, soul-hungry ghosts on the would-be assassin. He died terribly!

Why must I wake up at 6 in the morning? I don't need to go anywhere! The sun won't be up for another 2 hours, even!

May you find companionship to suit you, hobbies that interest you, meaning to sustain you, and the time and energy to pursue them all.

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unless you are only gming for a party of one person, you need to be the entire table's gm

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I've been teaching myself 3D sculpting the past couple weeks, and something about it just clicks for me.

Y'all should know, that an awful lot of you are Good People, and deserve Good Things to happen to you.

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