@FuchsiaShock I want to see an outfit which blends these styles. Give me a cute strawberry dress with a spiky choker and combat boots!

@FuchsiaShock Heck, that's the Mastodon Style Guide right there.

@FuchsiaShock Is “cottagecore” a rôle actually spoken of in queer argot now? I do so fancy her dress...

@Shufei i dunno. the whole cottagecore thing feels a little forced maybe, or maybe i'm just not fully getting it, but i definitely sit betwixt the two stools in this particular image

@FuchsiaShock I mean... if I am in a mainstream queer place and say, “Oh, I’m a cottagecore lady”, would people understand that?

@Shufei maybe? i don't really know what mainstream queer places are talking about, i've not really been in them much of late.

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