the complex heart we have evolved by folding of the most simple heart, which was a tube filled with blood surrounded by muscle, and if you unfold it it's still just a tube full of blood surrounded by muscle

pretty much every structure in our body evolved in these kind of ways, from simple to increasingly complex.
i fucking love evolution.

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also i love collagen, because without that we'd never have gotten past single-celled.

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but yeah, there's no part of the body that is in any way irreducibly complex. everything has a simpler form it could, and did, exist in.

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@FuchsiaShock this also works if you label Marge "evolution" and the potato "crabs"

@FuchsiaShock yeah. the smaller ones are even cute. coconut crabs terrify me though

@PsyChuan terrifying doesn't necessarily mean not also awesome

@FuchsiaShock I love the fact that humans are just a series of tubes, sphincters & non-return valves with a bad attitude.

@schnittchen my favourite exaptation is the small ear bones in mammals which started as part of the jaw in reptiles


¹Unfolding your heart might lead to adverse medical side effects. Always consult your physician or other healthcare professional if you are considering unfolding your heart to revel in the beauty of evolution.

LB: "Un-Break my heart" more like "unfold my heart" amirite?

@FuchsiaShock 🤯 This is amazing! Thank you a lot, I always wondered how this particular shape came about.

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