@FuchsiaShock i remember having to turn my TV's dial to 36(-ish) to get a black and white version of the computer's display...

channel selectors are for people who don't like a bit of random in their lives! ;-)

@FuchsiaShock I'm only 20 and I remember having to change to channel 4 to use the DVD player

@nev @FuchsiaShock most modern TVs that I've seen use a button and or menu to switch between video sources

@FuchsiaShock It wasn't that much of a hassle though, the dial only went up to 13.

@FuchsiaShock the console always had an option to display it on channel 4 instead, in case these was a broadcast channel 3 to contend with, but I've never known anyone who had to use that. Do you?

@datatitian in the uk we had four rf television broadcast channels by the 80s

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