i thought everyone got it? It was, like, pretty damn blatant about it?

like, it's a fascist government indoctrinating youth and demanding military service from them before it grants them full citizen status then throwing them into a meat grinder.
it's not at all subtle. it basically turns to camera every few minutes and goes “you are getting this, right?” basically bashes you over the head with it.

were there people actually sitting there going “now THIS is how a society should be run”?
actually, looking at america right now, yeah there actually were, weren't there?

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mind you, people didn't seem to get robocop either, which does the same thing for the interactions between capitalism, gentrification, and police brutality

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might have to rewatch robocop and starship troopers actually. they're good films.

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but yeah, media literacy is apparently a thing we should teach kids more then we currently do.
there's a reason the right dislikes the social sciences

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watching robocop now, and the advert for 'family heart center' comes on and holy fucking shit its on the nose about capitalism and healthcare straight out of the door

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‘Verhoeven made "a movie about fascists who aren’t aware of their fascism." The approach made sense, given that the director grew up in a Nazi-occupied Holland and therefore had some strong ideas about the subject.’

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@FuchsiaShock I think the only people who didn't get what starship troopers was going for are people who watched it and said "that seems like a good idea!"

@FuchsiaShock I'm pretty sure 20 years ago I thought it was just trashy. It's just not too far away from what people say in serious.

@FuchsiaShock I think that's my issue with most satire in general. It's re-stating what others have been saying but with markers that you consider it bad. That's still re-stating the bad thing & the markers might be context-dependent and not easy to understand for everyone. I think it just adds to the noise and makes people accustomed to the bad idea.

@FuchsiaShock I recently rewatched that. It felt really intense considering the state of things.

@Jo like, yeah, exactly. he even punctuates the whole movie with that catchphrase

@FuchsiaShock yes, me. but i was a kid and didn’t know a whole lot about fascism at the time. the film is not subtle, but i took those beats as just over the top comedy. if you compare it to other contemporary typical US comedy, say, will farrel, it’s not entirely different from the sincerely cruel forms of comedy that doesn’t have any satirical point about fascism: the comedians just really think cruelty to people who are different is funny.

@zensaiyuki i was a kid too, but the satire was blatant enough that i was receiving it.

@FuchsiaShock maybe i was an especially dumb or poorly educated kid. i got that it was satirical, but i didn’t know enough history to get the explicit references

@FuchsiaShock Not only are there people who think the government in the movie is cool (I've met some), there are people who are fan of the book which is super fascist and super anti communist (there's a passage where the story just stops and Rico compares the bugs to communists)

@FuchsiaShock TBH, I thought the ridiculous lack of subtlety was the funniest part. Like, the first half of the movie is basically a big propaganda video! That people though they were playing it straight just feels so absurd!

@FuchsiaShock I've had the book sat on my shelf for a year. I really need to get on that.

Incredible film tho.

@david i tried reading the book. it was not great.

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