I love it when show doesn't try to over explain things.
It works because it does, period

@freyja_wildes also if you never explain how the physics work you can never actually be wrong about how physics work

@freyja_wildes Me too. And I love that idea in Doctor Who that TARDIS are just too advanced for XXI° century humans to understand.


@Sylvhem @FuchsiaShock
How to explain time travel and all SF tech:
Wibbly wobbly, timey wimey

@Jo @freyja_wildes @Sylvhem which the doctor's many incarnations all just leave on because they like the sound it makes when they dematerialise

@FuchsiaShock Great now I have to add Farscape's "reducing the ship to a one dimensional presence temporarily so you can have exponential speed" version of slipstream
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